Miracle Mumma’s Mission for Prems

“The worst thing about having a baby in the neonatal unit is leaving each night…every night, without fail, I would cry.” 

Ever since son James was born prematurely at 30 weeks, Amy Purling has made it her mission to help the families of other sick and premature babies.

“We were completely surprised when I went into spontaneous labour,” Amy recalls.

“The doctors tried to delay it, but less than 24 hours later James was delivered by emergency C-section.

“He went straight into the neonatal unit and stayed there for five weeks – he was born with a life-threatening platelet disorder and required several platelet transfusions which saved his life.”

In the months that followed, Amy set up her own business – Miracle Mumma - focusing on gifts for parents and families of premature babies. In the process, it became an online community of support and celebration.

But with James now an active two year old, Amy is going even further to provide a brighter future for families in the Flinders Medical Centre Neonatal Unit.

On Saturday November 3, she’ll hold ‘Fun Run for Prems’ at Glenelg to raise funds for new innovative webcam technology - allowing parents to keep an eye their precious babies and witness important milestones… even when they can’t be there.

“The worst thing about having a baby in the neonatal unit is leaving each night,” Amy says.

“I would get there at 9am in the morning and leave after 6pm…and every night, without fail, I would cry.

“If parents are sick it’s also too risky to go in and visit their baby and I know of parents who have had to stay away for days…that’s just awful."

Amy hopes to now make a difference for parents who aren’t able to stay with their babies all the time.

The Neonatal Unit is hoping to use funds raised from 'Fun Run for Prems' to provide webcams for some cots in the unit - particularly to support mothers and families who may not be able to visit the Neonatal Unit for various reasons.

‘Fun Run For Prems’ is on Saturday November 3 from 9am-1pm at Wigley Reserve, Glenelg.  

To find out more and sign up for Fun Run For Prems visit funrunforprems.eventbrite.com.au 

Or to donate to help buy new webcam technology for the Flinders Medical Centre Neonatal Unit visit funrunforprems.gofundraise.com.au. The day will also feature market stalls, food and lots of fun… walkers welcome too! 

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