Comfy chairs for Flinders

A good, comfy chair means a lot to patients and their families at Flinders.

Thanks to generous donations from some of our wonderful supporters – Live and Let Live event organisers and the Steinle family - 36 new chairs and footrests recently arrived at Flinders Medical Centre.

Grateful Nurse Unit Manager of Oncology and Haematology Ward 5G, Avis Glenn, said the benefits of a quality chair couldn’t be overlooked.

“Having a chair available enables our patients to be more independent and encourages them to sit out of bed comfortably, which has huge benefits for preventing deconditioning and pressure injuries related to lengthy periods in bed,” Avis says.

With the chairs shared across various wards in the hospital, patient Steve Costello (pictured with nurse Emily) was one of the first to try them out.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can support patients at Flinders Medical Centre in an area that you’re passionate about, please get in touch with the Flinders Foundation team on 8204 5216 or email

Patient Steve Costello (pictured with nurse Emily) was one of the first patients to try a new chair.

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