Thyroid research under the microscope

Flinders University medical student Lauren Rask-Nielsen has received a research scholarship to take a closer look at the diagnosis of thyroid nodules which can, in some instances, be cancerous.

Over the coming months, Lauren will analyse four years of results for patients who underwent a Fine Needle Aspiration test– a procedure which involves collecting cells from the nodule lump via a needle in the neck.

The project was made possible thanks to generous fundraising efforts from the Classic and Muscle Car Club of SA to support thyroid research.

Lauren’s work will provide an overview of how each thyroid nodule diagnosis is classified in line with pathology standards, and what follow up testing and treatment was provided for patients.

Lauren said the research project was a great way to evaluate how the condition is treated at Flinders.

“Thyroid nodules are quite common and something many people present to their GP with concerns about,” Lauren said.

“They’re not all cancerous and can be so many different things, so it will be really useful to look at how this is managed at Flinders and to ensure our patients receive the highest standard of care when treating thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer.”

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