Dry July

Go alcohol-free for the month of July and raise funds for those affected by cancer

Each year Flinders Foundation supporters sign up to 'go dry' in July to raise money for services that help people and their families who are living with cancer. Funds are raised by people who choose to go alcohol-free during the month, and Flinders Foundation is also a beneficiary of grants provided by the Dry July Foundation.  

The funds raised in 2018 will go towards a new Cancer Wellness Centre in Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (FCIC) to provide physical, emotional and practical support to people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

This support will help patients and their families to cope with a range of cancer effects and concerns, including fatigue, anxiety, financial and employment concerns, while also helping them to transition to life with cancer, and life after cancer.

The new Cancer Wellness Centre will connect people with a range of services to help them overcome the effects of cancer and meet their needs. It will also provide an important focal point within the FCIC for patients and their loved ones to receive support and connect with others.

Register here for Dry July in 2018 and select Flinders Foundation as your beneficiary. You can then ask your family and friends to support your dry challenge. 

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