Help to plant the ‘Seeds of Hope’

Join the team at Flinders to beat cancer

When cancer researcher Associate Professor Michael Michael arrives for work each day at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer, he sees the men and women who are undergoing cancer treatment.

He chats with them in the lift, and while buying coffee. Sometimes, he says, it’s just heartbreaking.

But it’s these interactions which remind Michael and his fellow researchers why they are there…to beat cancer.

Because we all miss out when we lose people to cancer.

That’s why we need your help to plant the “Seeds of Hope” and help the team of researchers at Flinders to beat cancer.

You don’t need to step into a laboratory to help. Instead you can make a donation today to help Flinders Foundation provide seed funding grants to some of the best cancer researchers in South Australia.

These grants play a vital role in helping researchers to get novel ideas into the laboratory, and can then be leveraged to secure larger national and international grants and make significant breakthroughs.

“Join the team at Flinders and let's beat cancer together”  – Associate Professor Michael Michael

Associate Professor Michael Michael

Incredible community support has enabled Flinders Foundation to provide seed funding grants for many years. And records show that it’s working.

About 40 per cent of researchers who receive Flinders Foundation seed funding going on to win grants on a much larger scale, enabling many research discoveries and advances in health to be made at Flinders

But the reality is there is still so much more to be done.

Securing funding is among the biggest challenges faced in the quest to find better treatments and a cure for cancer, and there are countless research projects at Flinders which need your support to get up and running.

The researchers at Flinders are a determined group. But they need you to join them in the fight to beat cancer.

Make a donation today so we can start awarding seed grants to Flinders cancer researchers in the coming months.

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