Cancer Wellness Centre

To better support patients and their families who are affected by cancer, Flinders Foundation is developing a Cancer Wellness Centre which will be located on the ground floor of the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer

Over one million Australians have been diagnosed with cancer at some stage in their life.

While it’s great news that improved cancer detection and treatments have led to improved survival rates for people diagnosed with cancer, this has also contributed to an increased need to provide support and services to those with cancer.

The Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (FCIC) provides clinical care and research under the one roof and has a track record of supporting people who are living with cancer throughout their cancer journey. Their needs include not just supportive care during cancer treatment but also addressing other needs including physical, emotional and practical concerns that are often not easily managed in the cancer clinic.

To better focus on these needs, a unique space is required.

Establishing a new Cancer Wellness Centre within the FCIC will provide support to help patients and their families to cope with a range of cancer effects and concerns, including fatigue, anxiety, financial and employment concerns, while also helping them to transition to life with cancer, and life after cancer.

The new Cancer Wellness Centre will connect people with a range of services to help them overcome the effects of cancer and meet their needs. It will also provide an important focal point within the FCIC for patients and their loved ones to receive support and connect with others.

The range of services available within the Wellness Centre will be developed collaboratively by clinicians, researchers, patients and their families. The services at the Wellness Centre will be closely integrated with research, undertaken by the Flinders University, to ensure that evidence informs care and that patients needs inform future research.

This model is something not currently offered in any other hospital in South Australia. Thanks to funds raised by Dry July participants (who pledge to go alcohol free for the month) and a generous grant from the Dry July Foundation, the vision for a dedicated Wellness Centre is closer to becoming a reality.

But more funding is needed to help us raise $500,000 and ensure we can create this flagship centre and provide comprehensive support for people living with the effects of cancer.

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