Cancer Wellness Centre

Thanks to your generous support, patients and their families affected by cancer are receiving additional support in a new Cancer Wellness Centre at Flinders Medical Centre.

Opened in February 2020, the centre is a focal point of a new cancer wellness program, to help ease the burden of cancer and address many of the unmet needs of patients and their families during and after cancer treatment - many of which can be lifelong.

This extra support focuses on a range of physical, educational, emotional and practical impacts which cancer can often have, including fatigue, anxiety, dietary, financial and employment concerns among others.

View the Cancer Wellness Program Timetable here

Located on the ground floor of the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer, the centre is also a valuable conduit in connecting patients and carers with support groups and other services in the community.

But your ongoing support is needed to fund activities and programs in the centre to support patients and their families affected by cancer. Make a donation here,  or get in touch with our team on 8204 5216.

It’s nice to know there’s a place to turn to that will support my overall wellbeing following my cancer diagnosis. The wellness centre complements my medical treatment. It is a place where my practical, emotional and social needs can be met to support me and my quality of life.”

Chris Christensen, Flinders cancer patient.

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