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By donating to our latest appeal, you can make a real difference where it’s needed most.

Flinders Foundation works to support the leading clinicians and researchers at Flinders by ensuring they are equipped with the latest technology and funding support so they have the greatest chance of improving the lives of patients and their families.

The Foundation works closely with Flinders Medical Centre and Flinders University to identify the most urgent needs across the precinct and, with your help, can turn these wishes into reality.

Help us purchase new equipment and support research and services by donating to our current appeal below. 

This is me, Ryan – I have cancer.

If you’ve experienced cancer treatment, or know someone who has, you’ll know it often makes people feel terribly sick.

Thankfully, new and better ways to treat cancer are being discovered every day at Flinders, giving people hope.

Targeted therapy gave me time with my family that I never expected to have.

Will you please make a donation today to give all patients with cancer this opportunity?

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