Neville’s Story

Neville’s prostate cancer crusade

Faced with terminal prostate cancer, Neville was determined to do all that he could to raise funds and awareness about the disease.


Neville bravely battled prostate cancer – the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian men.


We want to save the lives of more men to ensure they live the best quality-of-life with those they love most.


Your support has already helped to buy vital medical equipment and fund ground-breaking prostate cancer research. But there’s still plenty more to be done.

Diagnosed in early 2015, 73-year-old Neville was given just two months to live.

He underwent surgery, radiotherapy, experimental drug trials and chemotherapy to give himself as much time as possible so that he could meet his first granddaughter who was born in July 2017.

Her birth was a joyous occasion for Neville and his wife Chris, who were able to enjoy their granddaughter’s first year of life before Neville sadly passed away in June 2018.

Neville worked closely with Flinders Foundation to raise awareness of the importance of prostate cancer research and improved care, often stopping men in the supermarket to talk.

He and Chris helped Flinders Foundation to raise $70,000 to purchase two new ultrasound probes for the Southern Adelaide Prostate Cancer Service. This equipment continues to help specialists to more accurately diagnose men with prostate cancer, and enable earlier treatment and more lives to be saved.

“I know it’s inevitable that it will take me – it might be soon, or hopefully, it might take longer. If my prostate cancer had been caught earlier, then perhaps I might have had more treatment options, a better outcome, and ultimately more time." Neville once said.

“It’s too late for me but that doesn’t have to be the case for other men.”

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