Remote Cameras for Neonatal Unit

For parents of babies in the Flinders Medical Centre Neonatal Unit, being separated from them can take a toll. Help purchase new camera technology so parents, relatives and friends can see their babies anytime, from anywhere.

The Flinders Medical Centre Neonatal Unit is where the smallest, sickest and most vulnerable babies are cared for by specialists round-the-clock.

Parents can spend days, weeks or months in the Neonatal Unit waiting for their precious babies to be well enough to go home.

Weeks of worry and not wanting to leave their side takes its toll on parents. If only they could leave the Neonatal Unit with the comfort of knowing they could see their baby anytime, from anywhere and that they won’t miss a thing.

With your help this could be possible!

Help Flinders Foundation to purchase new camera technology for the Neonatal Unit which enables parents, relatives and friends to see their little miracles in real time, any time. Speak with the Flinders Foundation team today on (08) 8204 5216 or email us.

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