We asked for your help, and you delivered, thank you

Thanks to your generous support of our recent appeal, a new child protection space at Flinders is starting to take shape! 

The new welcoming space will be built to meet the specific needs of children, and their families. It will be  a safe place, where vulnerable children can work with the wonderful Child Protection Services (CPS) team and take the next steps on their journey to healing.

“The redevelopment of the CPS at Flinders will make a massive difference in how we can care for children,” said Meredith, a Paediatrician with CPS at Flinders.

“Unfortunately, many of the children we see have undergone significant challenges and traumas in their life and coming to child protection is just another hard thing they have to do in their day.

“The new space will be a place where they feel comfortable and can be looked after, be with the adults that are important to them, in an environment which is also fun.”

It will also better support the CPS staff, some of whom have been part of this dedicated team for 30 years, allowing them to provide the highest level of care to children who need their help the most.

“The new space will enable the CPS team to do our job better. Hopefully, this means children leave feeling like it was a safe place to be, and that they have been well looked after,” Meredith said.

Thank you for helping to bring this vision to life. We look forward to sharing updates with you as the new child protection space at Flinders progresses. 

“Sometimes, the children we see are so traumatised, worried and anxious that even for a medical appointment, it’s hard for them to come inside the medical facility and be examined or talk to us about things that have happened in the past. 

“If the environment is more child friendly and relaxed, we can take away some of these anxieties. 

“We can’t change much about what has already happened, but we can try and make sure that their visits to Child Protection Services don’t add further stress.” Aabha, Paediatrician 

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