Help fund a Scalp Cooling System at Flinders

Hair loss is a major psychological and distressing concern for cancer patients. You can make a difference by helping to fund a scalp cooling system for the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer.

Eboney Sheehan, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment, is leading this campaign and says “I have benefited from the use of a scalp cooling system during my cancer treatment, and at just over halfway, I still have around 75% of my hair. This has been incredibly important for my mental health. It's allowed me to continue life with some feeling of normality, in spite of all the side effects and unknowns. I'm incredibly passionate about this cause based on my own experiences and I would love to see all public hospitals have this technology available.”

Thank you for your support in helping bring this technology to Flinders!

If you have any questions about making a donationContact us