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Since its beginning, Flinders Foundation has donated more than $75 million towards research, improving patient care and health facilities across South Australia, significantly advancing medical care and research capability for all South Australians. 

Thanks to the generous support from the community, Flinders Foundation will continue to have a life-changing impact for your generation, and for generations to come. 

Here’s how your donation can make an impact

  • Flinders Foundation can provide established researchers with funding to discover cures and develop better treatments
  • Emerging researchers can receive seed funding to get their projects started, or keep them operating, making more medical discoveries possible
  • Medical equipment can be purchased, including the latest technologies, helping clinicians to provide the very best care and outcomes
  • Health facilities can be enhanced, improving the standard of care and creating environments which provide improved healing and comfort
  • Skilled staff can receive the best professional development opportunities which can be translated to improve health outcomes

Thank you for making the decision to give towards these important causes. Without you it would not be possible.

Global Impact

The brightest minds at Flinders, unlocking the mysteries of many diseases, with findings having enormous effects around the globe

Global Impact

Enormous effects around the globe

Funded Projects

You can play a part in developing cures, saving lives and enabling new and medical discoveries.

Funded Projects

These have all been made possible because of your support

Inspiring Stories

Flinders Foundation has been touched by many people who have had their lives changed by disease or illness and these are the people who continue to inspire us every day.

Inspiring Stories

Life-changing impact

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