Celebrating cancer research at Flinders

Flinders Foundation supports researchers at Flinders with funding to make the next discovery in cancer treatment and care.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. At Flinders, more than 2,500 people are diagnosed with cancer each year. In all, the Flinders Medical Centre provides in excess of 45,000 cancer-related appointments annually.

The biggest improvements and developments in cancer treatment and care have only been made possible through research. Researchers know the next breakthrough might be just around the corner. Often, the only thing stopping them is funding.

Through the generosity of individuals and organisations in the community, Flinders Foundation is currently funding more than 30 cancer research projects focused on making a difference for people affected by a range of cancer types.

Learn more about some of the projects below.

Flinders cancer research projects

Introducing Brett Stringer – Brain Cancer Research Fellowship

Funds were raised by those who attended the 2019 Pink Yellow Blue Ball and SAPOL’s Ride Like Crazy cycling event, and generous donations from Sarah Constructions and supporters in the community. Read More

Improving digital cancer care resources for disadvantaged populations

In Australia, people living with socioeconomic disadvantage, and those living rurally can face challenges with digital technologies, including accessibility, affordability, and education. Read More

Improving immunotherapy for ovarian cancer

New research at Flinders will address the urgent need for improved treatments for ovarian cancer. Read More

Exploring new treatments for aggressive blood cancers

New research at Flinders is focused on finding more effective treatment options for people with three aggressive forms of blood cancer. Read More

Improving quality of life for patients with prostate cancer

Flinders University researchers are aiming to improve the outcomes for patients with prostate cancer by introducing routine quality of life assessments and breaking down barriers to treatment. Read More

New scholarship for prostate cancer research

A new Master of Surgery (MSurg) scholarship dedicated to prostate cancer research will expand clinical prostate cancer research capacity at Flinders University. Read More

Exploring a new treatment for multiple myeloma

A Flinders Foundation Cancer Seed Grant will fund leading research into an entirely new approach to treating a deadly form of blood cancer. Read More

New hope for advanced prostate cancer treatment

Researchers at Flinders University have been awarded a Flinders Foundation Cancer Seed Grant to investigate a potentially ‘game-changing’ new treatment for people with prostate cancer. Read More

Giving hope to people with brain cancer

Often, by the time a person is diagnosed with brain cancer, it’s too late to cure them. It’s typically only when the cancer has progressed to a stage that it causes physical symptoms, like blurred vision, slurred speech or a lack of balance, that a person seeks medical attention. Read More

PhD Scholarships awarded

thanks to Flinders Foundation and the Volunteer Service for Flinders Medical Centre two of Flinders University’s brightest students are preparing to embark on exciting new research. Read More

The impact of cell metabolism on DNA repair in cancer

The accumulation of unrepaired and mis-repaired DNA damage can lead to cancer development. Read More

Improving the accuracy of prostate tumour grading

New research at Flinders aims to reduce the margin for error in the grading of prostate tumours. Read More

Creating 3D ‘mini tumours’ to personalise mesothelioma treatment

Pleural mesothelioma is a devastating cancer arising in the cells that line the lungs and chest wall. Most commonly caused by asbestos exposure, pleural mesothelioma has an extremely poor prognosis. Even with treatment, most patients die within two years of being diagnosed. Read More

Ralph Ernst PhD Scholarship in Prostate Cancer Research Announced

A grateful patient, treated only briefly at Flinders more than three decades ago, is providing a long-lasting legacy by helping researchers to develop new treatments for men with incurable, metastatic prostate cancer. Read More

Making immunotherapy more effective in prostate cancer

Immunotherapies have revolutionised the treatment of certain cancer types but have been largely unsuccessful in prostate cancer, despite many clinical trials. Read More

The Ryan Hodges Scholarship in Precision Dosing

The Ryan Hodges Scholarship in Precision Dosing has been established in memory of Ryan, who passed away in October 2021. Read More

Jane’s Wish – the Jane Watson Ramsey PhD Scholarship in Multiple Myeloma Research

Ali Habib, recipient of the inaugural Jane Watson Ramsey PhD Scholarship in Multiple Myeloma Research, says Jane and Bill’s generosity is providing him with the opportunity to make a difference for people living with the incurable disease. Read More

Focus on enzymes for positive change

Promising Flinders studies could identify new treatment options for men with advanced prostate cancer. Read More

‘Gutsy’ Ride for Cancer Research

Two generous individuals who tandem-cycled 3072 kilometres from Perth to Adelaide over 32 consecutive days, are helping Flinders cancer researchers in their quest to see patients with oesophageal and gastric cancers live longer. Read More

Stopping colorectal cancer in its tracks

A Flinders Foundation Health Seed Grant will help researchers create a non-invasive screening tool to better detect pre-cancerous lesions and prevent people from developing colorectal cancer. Read More

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