Childhood Glaucoma Discovery

Discovering a new genetic cause

Ophthalmology experts at Flinders University have played a pivotal role in discovering a new genetic cause for primary congenital glaucoma – a leading cause of blindness in children. Glaucoma is a disease linked to increased pressure inside the eye, which can cause irreversible damage to the optic nerve and loss of vision.

The disease most commonly affects people over the age of 50, but also affects children and can lead to blindness. Children usually develop a more aggressive form of the disease, and require multiple operations and a lifetime of daily eye drop medication.  

“This study, using samples gathered from across the world, has pinpointed a new genetic cause for congenital glaucoma, a devastating disease that’s extremely difficult to treat,” says Flinders research leader Professor Jamie Craig.  

“The discovery paves the way for a new genetic test for children and families with childhood glaucoma, gives new reproductive options to families with a history of the disease and a pathway to better treatments for both adult and childhood glaucoma.”

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