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By giving to Flinders Foundation, you can be part of making a global impact. While the brightest minds at Flinders are in their laboratories looking to unlock the mysteries of many diseases, their findings have enormous effects around the globe.

A recent study by Flinders University analysed outcomes of more than 160 health and medical research projects recently funded by Flinders Foundation. The study found that academics from institutions across North America, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia, used Flinders Foundation funded research to produce their work or advance their own knowledge on hundreds of occasions.

The study showed research funded by supporters of Flinders Foundation had the greatest impact in North America, particularly on the East Coast, where it was used by researchers from renowned universities more than 150 times. It also made an impact in countries such as Ukraine, Chile and Saudi Arabia and on all continents except Antarctica.

The generous support of donors is making a global impact, and without this important contribution some research projects would never take off and there would be many unknowns or ‘what could have beens’.

Thank you for playing your part in having a global impact on health outcomes by investing in research supported by Flinders Foundation.

Below are just a few examples of the work undertaken at Flinders which is making a global impact thanks to generous support from the community. To read about more of the amazing work that has happened across the Flinders medical precinct that has had major impacts on the world stage click here


Eye Health in Global Disease Outbreaks

Laboratory research and clinical trials have established the use of biologic drugs to reduce vision loss from non-infectious uveitis. Read More

World First Bowel Cancer Screening Program

Flinders researchers, led by Professor Graeme Young, developed a fast, accurate and cost-effective screening test for bowel cancer which facilitated the world-first Australian National Bowel Cancer Screening Program. Read More

World Changing Corneal Transplant

Professor Keryn Williams is a sight pioneer and was instrumental in establishing the world’s largest repository of information about corneal transplants. Read More

Funded Projects

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