Inspiring Stories

Your generous donations can have a life-changing impact on people in the community and the people you love. Flinders Foundation has been touched by many people who have had their lives changed by disease or illness and these are the people who continue to inspire us every day. We will not rest until their health challenges are overcome.

Monique's Story

Doctors have told Monique that she is cancer-free. But she’ll never really be free of cancer, because like so many cancer ‘survivors’, the effects of the disease and the years of treatment continue to impact her each day. Read More

William's Story

William was born at just 26 weeks and spent 123 days in the Flinders Medical Centre Neonatal Unit fighting for life. He nearly didn’t make it… But look at him now. Read More

Anthony's Story

Anthony was not prepared to give up after a fatal brain cancer diagnosis. Until his final moments his focus remained on how he could help others. Read More

Elise's Story

Elise lost six years of her childhood to an eating disorder and very nearly lost her life. But thankfully, she now lives a life free of eating disorders. Read More

Mario's Story

Mario’s beautiful daughter Lauren took her own life. Now her memory is inspiring him to help others. Read More

Justin's Story

Before he was diagnosed, Justin had never even heard of motor neurone disease (MND). But today, he’s hopeful that world-leading research happening at Flinders will lead to a brighter future for people like him. Read More

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