Elise’s Story

Battling an eating disorder

Elise lost six years of her childhood to an eating disorder and very nearly lost her life. But thankfully, she now lives a life free of eating disorders.


An estimated 913,000 Australians live with an eating disorder. One in 10 will die within ten years of the initial onset of their illness.

Thankfully, Elise is one of the lucky ones.


We believe it’s so important for people with eating disorders and their families to have access to the best treatment - so they have the greatest chance to live a life that’s no longer affected by an eating disorder.


You can help to support the Statewide Eating Disorders Service and providing vital support and care for people living with an eating disorder, and those who support them.

Elise’s illness first began at the age of 12, following her mother’s diagnosis of an aggressive form of breast cancer.

“For me it was never about wanting to look a certain way. It was instead about worth and control,” Elise says.

Growing up in the country, Elise exhausted all local treatment options and was forced to travel to the city for treatment – placing a huge strain on her family. Several hospital admissions followed, and while Elise would show signs of recovery, this was only temporary.

Then there was a line in the sand moment.

“I decided to give getting better one last shot. Thankfully it worked. I know I'm one of the lucky ones and I now live a life completely free of anorexia and eating disorders of any kind. But I lost six years of my childhood to this disease."

“It’s so important that people with eating disorders and their families have access to treatment, so they too can have a chance to recover and live a life completely free of an eating disorder.”

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