Mario’s Story

Honouring a daughter’s life

Mario’s beautiful daughter Lauren took her own life. Now her memory is inspiring him to help others.


Mario’s beautiful daughter Lauren took her own life at the age of 26 after years battling an eating disorder.

Now he’s determined to help other families.


We want to be part of the solution to addressing the cause of mental illness in our community, and give people with eating disorders, and those who support them, the greatest chance of living a life that’s no longer affected by illness.


You too can join us in helping the Statewide Eating Disorders Service, which provides vital support and care for people living with an eating disorder, and those who support them.

When Mario thinks of the words on his daughter Lauren’s headstone, he can only reflect on what her life could have been and how much more there is to tell.

“I've lost Lauren and she won't be coming back. I don't want any other parent or sibling to lose their loved one in such a horrible way," Mario says. 

Mario is now working with Flinders Foundation to make sure patients with eating disorders, and their families, are supported through the illness as part of the Statewide Eating Disorders Service (SEDS) provided by SA Health.

"If you saw Lauren, she was a happy person, she was always smiling in photos. But the true struggle for Lauren was behind her smile. I wish to honour Lauren for the caring and compassionate person that she was, and that is how we should remember her," Mario says.

“I can't change what happened to Lauren, but hopefully we can intervene at an early stage and give guidance and education for people who are around the person with an eating disorder – this is a real disease."

You can help people like Lauren by making a generous donation to eating disorders research and care.

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