William’s Story

How Flinders helped William grow big and strong

William was born at just 26 weeks and spent 123 days in the Flinders Medical Centre Neonatal Unit fighting for life. He nearly didn’t make it… But look at him now.


The Flinders Medical Centre Neonatal Unit is where the smallest, sickest and most vulnerable babies are cared for round-the-clock. Babies just like William.


We want all babies to grow big and strong and have the best chance at living a happy and healthy life.


You can help to fund vital medical equipment, research and improved care for babies, kids and their families at Flinders.

“He was just so tiny - I've never seen anything so small,” William’s mum Allison recalls of William’s very early entry into the world.

“Every day there were ups and downs and a lot of struggles, and he nearly didn't make it. It was very traumatic and just an out of this world experience.”

With William now an active, strong and ever-so-charming one year old, Allison and her husband Neil, are indebted to the life-saving staff and specialists in the Flinders Neonatal Unit.

With the help of family and friends, the family recently raised funds for the Neonatal Unit by asking for donations in lieu of first birthday gifts for William. 

“The staff were absolutely amazing – I know they're really there for the babies but it felt like they were there just as much for the parents,” Allison says.

“The Neonatal Unit is so important for families like ours who have a sick and premature baby and the support they provide is just incredible. Our story would have been so different if it weren't for them and all of their care and support.”

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